AIMS philosophy: Assist Individuals Maintain Stability

AIMS Enabling Service Agency: We provide a range of excellent services to you the customer in your own environment. The aims of the services are to assist and support you within your own home which will enable you to maintain your independence and autonomy to remain independent. We endeavour to provide a comprehensive mobile service to individuals who are housebound, find it difficult or are unable to access some local services in the community - we also specialise in working with individual’s suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s through reminiscing therapy.

AIMS Enabling Service Agency provides high quality, reliable and dependable service by professionals who will meet your needs, through a variety of one to one services to enable you to live independently by encouraging, stimulating and assisting you to live a better quality of life without using tradition care provided by Social Service. AIMS Enabling Service Agency will enable you to develop and create your own care plan which will make it possible for you to maintain your dignity, individuality, respect and accountability for your own care.

AIMS Enabling Service Agency can provide a greater range of services to meet your individual needs, all you have to do is contact us on:
020 8904 0606 or email us to arrange an appointment today with our supportive coordinator, who will visit you in your own home, hospital or wherever you live and carry out an assessment, then devise your individual comprehensive support plan to meet your needs.

AIMS Enabling Service Agency will work with individual customers, family member, Health Authority and Social Services. We have also embraced the Government Personalisation agenda and are accepting various method of payment including Personal and Individual Budgets and also Direct Payment Scheme.

AIMS Enabling Service Agency is a unique, specialised, professionals and a highly qualified service provider, whose services are affordable and highly competitive.

All AIMS staff are governed by The Social Care Council and adhere to the General Social Care Council's Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers. 

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AIMS Support Services Ltd t/a AIMS Enabling Service Agency is a registered Service Provider with CQC Care Quality Commission and is subjected to comply with all conditions stipulated under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and Regulation 5 Care Quality Commission ( Registration) Regulations 2009.

Reference number 1-320577978